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One more "first" in Turkey by QNB eFinans…

20 Sep 2017, Wednesday
basware, efinans

QNB eFinans has become the first e-Invoice service provider in Turkey to provide integration in the field of foreign trade in Turkey by enlarging the scope of its business partnership with Basware.

QNB eFinans stands by its customers also in Foreign Trade. Within the scope of this interoperability agreement with Basware as part of the European opening of QNB eFinans, QNB eFinans customers can deliver export e-Invoices in different languages ??in accordance with the Turkish Legislation they have established on the QNB eFinans system in a fully integrated manner and instantly to the Turkish Republic Customs gates and to 175 different e-Invoice service providers in 21 countries of Europe. In summary, a company that issues export invoice through QNB eFinans, can send this export invoice to all European customers in the Basware network that import goods from Turkey.

Registered by the Revenue Administration (RA) and the General Directorate of Customs, these trading operations bring along many value-added services such as follow-up and financing.
Getting ready for e-Invoicing of goods export transactions to be made from Turkey, which started voluntarily as of 01 January 2017 and will take effect by force as of 01 July 2017, QNB eFinans and Basware are ready to offer their customers the best service in this regard.

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