What is e-Ledger?

It is a system that enables the Accounting ledger accounts to be prepared in electronic environment and sent to the Revenue Administration.

e-Ledger Taxpayers

Companies with 2014 or subsequent fiscal periods, gross sales proceeds exceeding TL 10 million, irrespective of the turnover criteria; companies producing cola-like beverages, tobacco products, alcoholic beverages and mineral oil licenses.

e-Ledger Creation and Storage

With your current ledger data, you can easily create your e-Ledger and warrants via QNB eFinans Portal, send it to RA and benefit from our storage service for 10 years.

e-Ledger Submission

You can submit your e-Ledger data instantly when required or requested.

e-Ledger Management

You can use QNB eFinans ERP independent e-Ledger application, which is approved by the Revenue Administration as compliant software, without considering server and operating costs, through QNB eFinans Portal with special integration method or you can get direct maintenance and updating support by installing e-Ledger Application through your own servers with special integration method.

What are the Advantages of QNB eFinans e-Ledger?


Frequently Asked Questions

Which books shall be kept within the scope of e-Ledger?

The day book and general ledger the standards of which are published in General Communiqué on Electronic Ledgers No. 1 will be created in electronic environment.

Who are obliged to become e-Invoice taxpayers?

Obligation to keep electronic ledger and change to e-invoice application has been imposed on taxpayers with a gross sale revenues of TL 10 million or more in 2014 or subsequent accounting periods, who have obtained license from Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA) due to the production, importation, delivery, etc. activities of the goods in the list numbered I attached to the Private Consumption Tax Law No. 4760 dated 6/6/2002 and who manufacture, construct and import the goods in the list numbered III attached to the Private Consumption Tax Law.

Can I be an e-Ledger user without being an e-Invoice user?

Yes. With the amendment made in the General Communiqué on Electronic Ledgers No. 1, the obligation of being e-Invoice user which is the precondition of e-Ledger application has been removed. This means that e-Ledger application can be used voluntarily without being a registered user of e-Invoice.

Is it possible to keep the accounts both as hard copy and electronically?

No. According to the General Communiqué on Electronic Ledgers No. 1, those who start to keep their accounts in the form of electronic ledgers can not keep their accounts in paper environment.

What is a platform-independent compatible software program?

Within the scope of e-Ledger application, the software that will be used by taxpayers to create electronic ledgers and warrants is called "compatible software". A list of compatible software is published in Administration's site. In addition, some companies have made their software independent of accounting programs by adding platform-independent features to their programs. In this way, whichever accounting program customers use, they can generate electronic ledgers and warrants by setting a suitable path for the customer in data transfer. QNB eFinans serves its customers as platform independent software.

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