What is an Export Invoice?

The issuance of invoices of exports attached to the customs declaration form in electronic environment.

Refers to the document issued to the purchaser by the seller specifying the type, quantity, price and total amount of the goods sold for the export of goods out of the customs territory of Turkey or to the free zones in accordance with the applicable export legislation and customs legislation, or for other exits and transactions to be considered as an exportation by the Undersecretariat.

Pursuant to the 'Communiqué (Item No: 475) on Making Amendment in the General Communiqué of the Tax Procedure Law (Item No: 454)' issued by the Revenue Administration, obligation of invoices to be issued as e-Invoices for the taxpayers registered to the e-Invoice application within the scope of export of goods is postponed to 01.07.2017. The companies in this scope may issue their subject invoices as e-Invoices as well as printed (paper or e-Archive) invoices as of 1/1/2017, until 1/7/2017, as they desire.

They will include information about the Ministry of Customs and Trade in addition to the purchaser information in the export invoices they shall issue. Issued invoices will appear in the system of Ministry of Customs and Trade.


Frequently Asked Questions

In which situations is the export invoice scenario used?

"Export" scenario can be used for invoices of exports attached to the Customs Declaration Form.

Should sales within the scope of Transit Trade which will not enter into the borders of Turkey be issued as export e-Invoice?

No. Only the invoice of the goods exported abroad with Customs Declaration Form should be issued as export e-Invoice. Invoices that do not appear in the CDF attachment should be issued as hard copy as before or if the sender is an e-Archive taxpayer, should be issued as e-Archive invoice.

Should the service invoices issued for abroad be issued in the form of an export e-Invoice?

Obligation for issuing export invoices to be issued by registered e-Invoice users as e-Invoices is concerned only with goods export.Services export is not included in this context and if the sender is an e-Archive user, it will be issued an e-Archive invoice and if not, as a paper invoice.

When export invoices are issued and submitted to the Ministry of Customs and Trade, how will the 23-digit reference number, registration number and discharge date be learned

23-digit reference number, registration number and discharge date can be learned with one touch through QNB eFinans Portal. Taxpayers will also be able to enter the Single Window MCT Portal and make this inquiry with their user name and password. For more information, call Ministry of Customs and Trade call center at 444 8 482.

How many characters will the CTSP number consist of and at which level it will be controlled?

CTSP NO, the control of which is provided through QNB eFinans Portal, is the mandatory field and will be entered as 12 digits without a point.

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