What is e-Waybill?

It is an application providing sending and processing of delivery note electronically.

In order to monitor goods’ movements regularly in electronic environment, arrangements of issuing, sending to the recipient, storing and submitting of “delivery note” document currently issued in paper environment, in electronic environment are completed and e-Waybill use shall start as of January 1, 2018.
e-Waybill document being issued is not a new type of document, it has the same legal qualities with “delivery note” in paper environment.
As in e-Invoice, only registered e-Waybill obligants shall issue e-Waybill. Obligants benefiting from e-Waybill Application shall continue to issue paper waybill to obligants not registered in e-Waybill Application.
Issuing e-Waybill before the actual shipping of the goods and sending to the Revenue Administration systems and the recipient successfully shall be sufficient for the actual shipping of the goods.
It is mandatory to have a sample print out of e-Waybill in the vehicle during the actual shipment of the goods or enable displaying of it electronically, but it is not mandatory for the subject print out to bear wet signature or stamp on it. It is not mandatory to give the subject paper print out to the buyer or keep or submit after the goods are delivered to the buyer.
In case e-Invoice is issued before issuing e-Waybill for the goods to be shipped, it is mandatory to write down the date and document number of the e-Invoice on the e-Waybill.
In case the obligants which e-Waybill is issued for request, they may send to the issuer of the e-Waybill a respond to e-Waybill over the application stating how much of the goods are received/accepted relevant to the subject goods of the e-Waybill document, and the rejected amount of the goods and the reason for rejecting relevant to the undelivered goods.
In partial acceptance situations with e-Waybill reply, a separate e-Waybill should be issued for returning the unaccepted goods to the seller.
On the other hand, in case the receiver or the goods in the content of the e-Waybill is completely defective, it is possible to refuse by the buyer through a e-Waybill reply. However, refusal process must be done before the actual shipment of the goods. Refusing e-Waybill replies to be sent after the actual shipment of the goods are invalid; in such case, a new e-Waybill should be issued by the party carrying or having carried the goods.
Obligants who have obtained e-Waybill permission are obliged to keep the e-Waybills they have issued with relevant e-Waybill replies for the periods stipulated in tax law and other legal regulations, and submit.


Ease of managing the waybills relevant to invoices over a single portal along with e-Invoices.

Cloud application

Opportunity to access your e-Waybills in every stage of them by QNB eFinans Cloud application.

Designing Tool

Ability to make your own e-Waybill design by e-Waybill template designing tool.

10-Year Storage

10-year storage service with bank guarantee.

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