If you make out or receive a large number of invoices or if you are a company with sufficient data processing infrastructure, your data processing system can work directly integrated with the e-Invoice system of RA. It is the establishment of an infrastructure by your company as determined by the Revenue Administration (RA). In QNB eFinans integration applications, different integration levels can be realized, from manual transfer of e-Invoice / e-Ledger / e-Archive / e-Waybill files according to user's choice, to online integration which allows invoice traffic to be managed entirely by ERP.

  • It works on the servers of your company.
  • Installation fee is paid once, and maintenance fee is paid every year.
  • The taxpayer has to keep their servers ready to receive invoices on a 24/7 basis.
  • It is more difficult to manage legislative changes.
  • The initial investment is higher
  • The servers need to get a DPS report.
  • The responsibility of archiving belongs to the taxpayer.
  • Maintenance and continuity management is more difficult.
  • ISO 22301 Business Continuity Management System Standard Certificate is required.
  • TS 13298 Electronic Document Management System Certificate is required.
  • TS -ISO 27001 Information Security Management System Standard Certificate is required.

Who Can Benefit from Integration Services?

If you are a company with sufficient information processing infrastructure determined by RA, your data processing system can operate directly integrated with RA systems.

Integration Solutions

  • e-Invoice Integration Solution
  • e-Ledger Integration Solution
  • e-Archive Integration Solution
  • e-Waybill Integration Solution
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