QNB eFinans Advantages

You also benefit from our affordable, user-friendly and secure services which are suitable for your company.

  • Support network spread all over Turkey
  • An information security infrastructure that is advanced and certified with ISO 27001, CMMI3, TS13298 Electronic Document Management Standard certificates
  • Responding to the special needs of institutions with its flexible structure
  • A full-fledged Disaster Recovery Center offered within the body of QNB Finansbank
  • Business Continuity Center to supply uninterrupted service
  • Integrated financing solutions with QNB eFinans Portal services
  • Ease of integration with ERP / Accounting / Business process software
  • Ability to manage e-Transformation applications from a single enhanced portal

e-Invoice Advantages

  • Opportunity to access your invoices at any time by QNB eFinans Cloud application
  • Full integration for incoming and outgoing invoices with ERP / Accounting / Business Process software
  • Batch e-Invoice upload / download and printing option
  • e-Invoices specific for your company and reflect your corporate identity with the «Invoice Designing Module»
  • Ability to manage e-Invoice, e-Ledger and e-Archive transactions within the same application
  • Possibility to create foreign currency e-Invoice
  • Ease of sending your invoices over the system to any e-Mail address you wish
  • Ability to resend invoices that do not reach the recipient without changing the serial number
  • Special financing solutions for QNB eFinans e-Invoice
  • 10 years of e-Invoice storage service under the guarantee of the bank

e-Ledger Advantages

  • Ability to manage your e-Ledgers and access to archive files from anywhere with internet thanks to cloud infrastructure
  • Ability to manage e-Ledger, e-Invoice and e-Archive transactions within the same application
  • Cost advantage thanks to «Time Stamp» available in QNB eFinans e-Ledger system
  • Period and branch-based Ledger filtering feature
  • Only storage service specific to requester
  • Ease of sending created warrants automatically to RA
  • 10 years of e-Ledger storage service under the guarantee of the bank

e-Archive Advantages

  • Ability to create e-Archive integrated with Commerce systems and in a quick manner
  • Option to upload e-Archive invoices in bulk from QNB eFinans e-Archive screens
  • e-Archive invoice sending via FTP or Web service
  • e-Archive report creation and approval with financial seal
  • Option to forward the e-Archive invoice to the customer as an electronic mail
  • Ability to manage e-Ledger, e-Archive and e-Invoice transactions within the same application
  • 10 years of storage service under the guarantee of the bank
  • Option for detailed inquiry / reporting of the status of invoices sent in QNB eFinans e-Archive system
  • Only storage service specific to requester

QNB eFinans Portal Advantages

  • User-friendly, easy use portal screens
  • High-quality and safe infrastructure QNB eFinans offers to its customers
  • Customer Services offering support on any subject you need
  • QNB eFinans Mobile Application from which you may follow your Incoming-Outgoing invoices from wherever you wish
  • Financing opportunity against e-Invoice guarantee with e-Credit offered by QNB Finansbank
  • Creating optional work-flow
  • Creating optional special XSLT design for your e-Invoice
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